Racing Schedule

Dates and Times of the LTYC Race Series

The Summer series races are held April - October on the the second Saturday of the month.
Social sailing is held April - September on the fourth Saturday of the month.

The Frostbite series are held November - March on Saturday only.

The Mayors Cup Regatta is held on the first full weekend in June.

See the monthly online calendar for specific dates.

Be sure to sign up on the Participation sheet if you are coming. Remember that racers must serve two days of Race Committee this year.

Race Series Competitor's Meeting First Signal
Frostbite 10:30 AM 12:00 PM
Saturday 10:30 AM 12:00 PM
Race Series Race Month Held
Frostbite LTYC vs OHYC November
Frostbite Old Frosty December
Frostbite Frigid Digit January
Frostbite Snow Flake February
Frostbite March Madness March
Saturday Miss Piggy April
Saturday May Day May
Invitational Mayors Cup June
Saturday USA Days July
Saturday Dog Days August
Saturday Harvest Moon September
Saturday Great Pumpkin October