Mayor's Cup Regatta

LTYC's premier invitational regatta of the year was held on September 25th & 26th 2021

Lake Townsend is a great venue for the social events that accompanied the regatta. It was great fun with separate classes for Flying Scot, Wayfarer, and Collegiate 420!

2021 Mayor's Cup Photos

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2021 Mayors Cup Committee Boat
Mayors Cup Race Committee

Flying Scot start
Flying Scot Fleet at the start

Wayfarer start
Wayfarer Fleet at the start

C420 start
420 Fleet (High School Sailing Team) at the start

Flying Scot Fleet on the downwind leg

Pete Thorn (helm) and Sid Hale on upwind leg

James Cook (helm) and Ellee Orlovetz on a beam reach

Uwe Heine (helm) and Nancy Collins beating upwind

Andy Forman (helm) and John MacAdam beating upwind

Adele Smith (helm) and Neil Smith rounding upwind mark

Annette Grefe (helm) and Mark Green beating upwind

Richard Johnson (helm) and Michele Parish beating upwind

Jim (helm) and Linda Heffernan beating upwind

Peter Thorn (helm) and Sid Hale rounding upwind mark

Wendell Gundlach (helm) and Leigh Wulforst trying to hold the boat down in Ruckus

Logan Hayes (helm) and Elizabeth David beating upwind

David Rink (helm) and Joel Blade readying spinnaker launch

John Wake (helm) and Sharon Wake beating upwind

Nino Criscuolo (helm) and Preston Huitt beating upwind

Jack McArthur (helm) and Molly Lovvorn beating upwind

Jack McArthur (helm) and Molly Lovvorn approaching windward mark

AnnMarie Covington (helm) and Gareth Ferguson looking to pass Uwe Heine

Trish McDermott (helm) and Ken Butler beating upwind

John Loflin (helm) and Abi Robinson on a beam reach

Adele Smith (helm) and Neil Smith beating upwind

Ollie Hannam (helm) and Sidney Robinson rounding windward mark

Keith Smoot rounding the upwind mark

John Loflin (helm) and Abi Robinson beating upwind

David Reiner (helm) and Max Taras beating upwind

JC Aller (helm) and John Russell beating upwind

Robert Bouknight (helm) and Nancy Torkewitz on the upwind leg

David Safirstein (helm) and Brad Lewis on spinnaker reach

Annike (helm) with Otto Affanador and Conal as crew

AnnMarie Covington (helm) and Andy Forman approaching windward mark

Photos courtesy Linda Marsh © 2021

Linda Marsh is a semi-professional photographer. She and her husband John are sailors. This is the fourth Mayor’s Cup that she has photographed for LTYC.

If you would like to purchase an original, full size image suitable for printing up to poster size, contact Linda at Linda Marsh email

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