Opening Day Celebration

LTYC's FIRST Opening Day Social was held on 2 April 2022.

I say FIRST because there is already talk of making this an annual event.
The mood was especially UP because we had a very limited Frostbite series this winter, COVID restrictions are finally being loosened, and we were able to get everyone together for a fun day of sailing, food, and award presentations.

The fun sail was a modified "handicap" series with separate starts for the C420s, the Wayfarers, and the Flying Scots (to approximate their Portsmouth ratings) but with a single set of scores in order of finish!

2022 Opening Day Photos

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Thanks to Ron Washburn, Scott Bogue, and Sid Hale for capturing all the fun.

2022 Opening Day Fowl Regatta(Google Photos)

2022 Opening Day Awards Ceremony(Google Photos)