The LTYC Board of Directors

Meet the 2020 Board Members

Position Name Committees/Chair
Commodore Andy Forman Nov-Dec
AnnMarie Covington Feb-Oct
Trish McDermot Jan
Board of Directors
Vice Commodore April-Dec position open
Geordi Enell Jan-Mar
Race and Property
Rear Commodore Joleen Rasmussen Education
Treasurer Dale Strickland Sept-Dec
Evan Trudeau Mar-Aug
Bill Young Jan-Feb
Secretary Dawn-Michelle Oliver Historical
Director Robert Uzzle Newsletter/Publicity
Director Gail Walters Community Outreach
Director Eric Rasmussen Webmaster
Director Ken Butler Equipment
Director Cathy Leonard Membership
Director JC Aller Social Media, City Liason
Past Commodore Robert Bouknight Nominating/Mayor's Cup

Prior Years Boards of Directors